My Story

I couldn't have imagined the positive changes I would see in my life because of a single choice to join Scentsy in May of 2009.  Everything has changed!

I have a greater opportunity to provide for the needs and wants of my family, without all the time away from them.

There is a drastic improvement in my confidence, self worth and image since starting this journey.  Through my business I am able to use critical thinking, learn new things, be creative, and all while having a lot of fun and making new friends.  I am social by nature so adding to my circle of friends is always welcome!

Giving back is a huge party of my business.  It serves as a vehicle for fundraising, donations and paying it forward.  The most exciting times for me are celebrating success' with my team members and witnessing the shift in their lives and light in their eyes.

I have rediscovered things I thought I had lost.  Being adventurous, a love of travel (especially when its free!), being fun loving, and confident.  I found myself so wrapped up in my very important role as a Mom that I forgot to nurture the other things that made me, me.  I feel so much more comfortable in my skin!

In short Scentsy has changed every part of my life and I wouldn't have it any other way!  Are you ready for the best part!?  You don't have to be like me or have my same set of circumstances to find fulfillment and success.  So what are you waiting for??!!  Click the join button now!  I can't want to help you get started! :)